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The Albany Collaboration


Since April 2019, Albany Infant and Nursery School and Albany Junior School have worked together as a formal collaboration. This is an agreement between the two schools that we will work together to improve opportunities and outcomes for pupils, staff and the community. Whilst we remain two separate schools, the Albany Collaboration seeks to ensure a smooth transition for children and families from one school to the other.


Our primary aims for our collaboration are:

  1. To establish and embed a joint curriculum vision from EYFS to Y6.
  2. To provide a greater range of extra-curricular opportunities for our children.
  3. To provide greater opportunities for high quality CPD and networking for all staff.
  4. To enable children from different key stages to work collaboratively. 
  5. To investigate opportunities for cost savings where appropriate.


The collaboration has a Joint Collaboration Committee (JCC) which is made up of the two head teachers and governors from both schools. The JCC meets regularly to look at the progress of the collaboration and to support the head teachers in ensuring that the collaboration has a positive impact for our children, parents and the wider community.



Each term, a joint newsletter is produced which outlines some of the ways in which our two schools are working together.  You can download copies below.


The Albany Collaboration is an exciting opportunity for both of our schools and we hope that the community recognises the benefits that working together will bring.