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Beech, Elm and Oak Classes

Welcome to KS1

Beech, Elm and Oak classes

Key Stage One

Summer 2


Overarching Learning Challenge:

How do living things survive?


Throughout this half term the children within Year One and Two will be exploring how living things survive. They will look closely at how our world changes through the seasons and will learn to identify a wide range of common plants and flowers. Once the children are able to identify these common plants and flowers, they will the look at the different parts of plants and flowers and will work scientifically to investigate what plants need to survive.

The children will then begin to look closely at how humans stay fit and healthy. They will learn the importance of a balanced diet and exercise and will use their knowledge to host a healthy living themed session for parents. Within this session, parents will be treated to a home grown healthy meal, grown, cooked and designed by the children followed by an exercise class that the children will lead themselves.


Take a look at the knowledge organiser below to find out how you can support your child further as they explore this topic.

Weekly questions:

How do living things grow?


What do plants need to survive?


What is the most important factor to plant survival?


How can humans live longer?



Want to know how you can help your child at home this term?...

Take a look at the documents below to see how you can support with your child's reading, spelling and maths facts.