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Pastoral Support and Wellbeing

Here at Albany we place great importance on the wellbeing and happiness of our children. Where children are unhappy, this affects their ability to learn and so we have developed our own wellbeing pathway - please see below. This mainly consists of support through our trained ELSA (emotional literacy support assistant), Mrs Spence. Mrs Spence is available at the start and the end of each day to discuss any worries that you may have about your child at home or in school. Your child's class teacher will also be able to help but Mrs Spence has a dedicated role to support with this. Mrs Spence is able to support you with areas such as behaviour, bereavement, family separation, routines and toileting. She is also able to signpost you to other services who may be able to provide more bespoke support both in and out of school. 


Mrs Spence can be found in the playground at the start of each day or can be contacted through the school office. You can also email her - 



Some of the other services that we can direct you to include:


  • Small Steps -  a service providing early support and evidence-based interventions to families of children and young people displaying behaviours that cause concern or challenge. Support will be available where there is no formal diagnosis of ASD or ADHD, but where behaviours maybe indicative or characteristic of these conditions and also for families of children and young people diagnosed with ASD and/or ADHD. Click here for more information. 
  • Healthy Family Teams - an integrated service for children, young people and families which brings together care provided by health visitors, school nurses, the Family Nurse Partnership Programme (for first time teenage mums) and the National Childhood Measurement Programme. There are 20 locally based ‘Healthy Family Teams’ across Nottinghamshire which are central to the programme. Children, young people and families will receive care from this service from before birth to their late teens when they need it, regardless of where they live in Nottinghamshire. Click here for more information
  • Plant A Seed - an early intervention service which offers family support in order to improve home life for children and parents. Work is completed both at home and in school. Referrals to the service are made by the school following discussion with parents.