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The Albany All-Star Ethos

Our ethos is centred around the aim of ensuring that every child becomes an Albany All Star. An Albany All Star is always respectful, kind, safe, polite, happy and proud. These are six words which are very important to our children and which were chosen by our school council. They sum up everything that we want our children to be and underpin everything that we do here at Albany Infant and Nursery School. 



Our children are always striving to be an Albany All Star but each half term we have a particular focus to allow us to help children to know what this actually means and what this looks like in practice. Our assemblies and PSHE curriculum are all centred around this and each week in our celebration assembly, a pupil from each class is rewarded with a certificate for demonstrating these values as follows:


Autumn 1:      Respectful

Autumn 2:      Kind

Spring 1:        Safe

Spring 2:        Happy

Summer 1:     Polite

Summer 2:     Proud


By ensuring that our children become Albany All Stars, we know that we are preparing them to become good citizens of the 21st century world. This also ensures that our children develop an understanding of fundamental British values. More information about how we promote British values can be found here