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Hello children! We hope you are keeping safe and enjoying spending time with your families.


Here are some more activities you could try this week...


  • Make a poster or present a news report all about amazing Australia. You can incorporate all of the landmarks, the physical features like the Uluru Rock and talk about all of the deadly animals you would find in Australia. 

  • If you're going out on a daily walk could you collect things from your walk or garden to create art. 

  • If you have paint at home, you could look for rocks and stones in your garden and paint them. You could make them look like animals or you could paint a rainbow or a positive word or message and leave them for someone else to find on a walk.

  • Creating models and figures with playdough is a great way to get creative. Manipulating playdough helps to develop fingers and make the nice and strong, ready for writing. Maybe you could model your name? It’s lots of fun too for all ages! If you don’t have any playdough use the link below for a very simple recipe using household ingredients.


There are also some reading, maths and writing activities below for you to try too! 


Don't forget to keep active by doing some of the suggested exercise below and to keep up your amazing reading! We can't wait to hear all of your fantastic reading when you come back to school! 


See you all soon,

The KS1 team :)






This week we would like you to see if you can incorporate some geography into your daily walk. Ask the children if they can spot some human and physical features as they are walking and ask them to explain how they know. 

(Human features - Things that are man made - house, bike, microwave, playground equipment. Physical features - Things that are natural - mountains, rivers, grass.)

Attached below is a map of Australia, in school we have labelled this map with the different states in Australia and then went on to label the capital cities. Can the children remember them all and have a go at labeling them? If they have forgotten some, you could help them to research the answers.  


Please try and access physical activities each day, the Joe Wicks PE lessons on youtube are really good for our children, there are also plenty of yoga videos on 'cosmic kids' (youtube) and on the BBC website 'supermovers'. Physical activity has been proven to have a positive affect on children's concentration levels and their behaviour. 


At school we would normally read a story at least once per day to the children so alongside the children reading to you, you could also read to them. They love to sit a listen to a good story. As Mr Allen and we have already said, this is not a time for you to be teaching the children, enjoy doing these activities together, but also enjoy spending this time together. 


We will update this page on Wednesday 1.4.20



KS1 team. 

Topic activities

Home learning 25.03.2020


You will find some useful links below which will help to support your children's learning at home. 

The activities are related to; reading, maths, writing, there are some topic activities about Australia and a science activity about the life cycle of the chick. Please do not feel that your children have to complete all the activities, little and often is key! We hope you are also outside in your gardens, enjoying the sunshine! 

There is also an app you can use called 'Epic!' - this is a an app that allows you to read books with your children. 

There will be an update on Friday with some new resources for you to complete. 

Many thanks, 

KS1 team. 






Daily schedule

Here are some activities for Year 1 and Year 2 


You could try and create some Australian Aboriginal art, using some cotton buds and some paint. Ask the children to choose an animal and create a stencil to draw round onto some paper.


Using what they know about Australia and the links below, children could create a poster or a leaflet all about Australia and why you should visit!

What can you find there? Think about the landmarks, the deadly animals and the beautiful weather! 


We also had chicks in school last week so it may be a good opportunity to discuss the life cycle of a chick. Use the powerpoint and worksheet to guide you. 




Welcome to Year 1 and 2





You can find some links below that might be useful to you. There is also a link to our knowledge organisers.

Websites below have information about Australia: