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Beech and Oak Classes

Welcome to KS1

Beech and Oak classes

KS1 Autumn 2 2020


Overarching Learning Challenge:  Would you rather be a meerkat or a penguin?


Question of the Week:


Week 1: Where are the hottest and coldest places on Earth?

Week 2: Which animals live at the South Pole?

Week 3: Which animals live close to the Equator?

Week 4: How do people and animals survive in extreme temperatures?

Week 5: Why do people visit countries with extreme temperatures?

Week 6: Could a meerkat swap homes with a penguin?

KS1 Autumn 1 2020


Overarching Learning Challenge: Why would aliens visit planet Earth?


Question of the week:

Week 1 - Would an alien want to come to Albany?

Week 2 - Which capital city would an alien want to visit?

Week 3 - What are the properties of the materials found on Earth?

Week 4 - Why do materials on Earth have different properties?

Week 5 - What material would best protect Beegu from the weather?

Week 6 - Which material would best solve the aliens' problem?

Week 7- What materials should the aliens use for their trampoline?