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October 2016 - Our Harvest Festival

On Thursday 20th October everyone in school celebrated Harvest in a special Harvest themed assembly. Everyone brought in packets and tins of food and toiletries to give to Broxtowe Youth Homelessness, a local charity that supports young homeless people near our school. We made a display of the food in the hall and had over 250 items- impressive!

We started out with the word HARVEST. We then used all the letters and rearranged them into…

HAVE - we are thankful for all we have.

EAT – we thought about the farmers, shopkeepers, and cooks who help us have food to eat.

REST – the farmers can rest when the harvest has been gathered in.

STARVE – we thought about other countries and people not as lucky as ourselves.

SHARE – we thought about how we can share what we have ,with others less fortunate.

SAVE – we thought about how we preserve food for the winter months when things don’t grow.


Each class prepared something to share with the other children: songs, poems and stories.

We thought about how lucky we are to have food and safe houses and how we can help people who are hungry and homeless. 

It felt good to know that we had helped other people.