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This half term our topic is: Let's Celebrate! We will be learning about different celebrations, festivals and events that happen during this time of year including bonfire night, Remembrance Day, St Andrew's Day, Children in Need and Christmas!

We will also be looking at the changing seasons and finding out about animals that hibernate during the winter.


We always love to hear about your child's progress and acheivements at home so please let a member of staff know if there is anything you or your child would like to share with us.


We will also be asking ourselves:

Week 1

What is Bonfire Night? What noises do you hear? What might you eat?

Week 2

What is Remembrance Day? What things can we remember?

Week 3

Do I know some rhyming words? What words can I use to describe winter?

Week 4

Why do some animals go to sleep in winter?  Who was St Andrew?

Week 5

Why do we have an Advent calendar?

Week 6

Why do some people celebrate Christmas?

Week 7

What happens on Christmas Day?


You can find some links below that might be useful to you. There is also a link to our topic leaflet.

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