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This half term our topic is: Summer. We will be finding out about the season of summer and looking at the changes that happen in the environment, as well as things we do at this time of year. We will also be taking part in EcoArt Week, Healthy Living Week and looking towards next year with our transition activities and visits.


We will also be asking ourselves:

Week 1

EcoArt Week - Recycled Art

Week 2

What is it like in Summer?

Week 3

What do the plants and trees look like in Summer?

Week 4

What clothes do we wear in Summer?

Week 5

What sorts of things can we do in Summer?

Week 6

Who is my new teacher?

What did I like about my new classroom?

How do we stay healthy?

Week 7

What am I good at?

What would I like to get better at?

Week 8

What have enjoyed at nursery?

What am I looking forward to next year? 



You can find some links below that might be useful to you. There is also a link to our topic leaflet.

Knowledge Organiser and Parent Letter

Knowledge Organiser - Summer 2

Knowledge Organiser - Summer 1

Topic Activities and Useful Links

Ways to support your child