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June 2017 - Amber, trip to White Post Farm

We set off in convoy - the children enjoyed checking that the other 2 coaches were still in front of us ... did our driver know the way to White Post Farm? He did! Our first port of call (following a toilet stop!) was the Silver Barn where we looked at eggs in incubators, touched ducklings, stroked rabbits and kids, spied chinchillas and saw Wonkey the Donkey. Next we saw and stroked mice, guinea pigs and chicks - thankfully some parent helpers were braver than Mrs Abdy and helped to pass these creatures around. We then had playtime in the soft play and enjoyed sliding down the hill on circular 'sledges'.

Everyone ate their tasty lunch and we went for walk to see sheep, pigs, deer, cows and goats - we fed all the animals too. Our walk concluded at the llamas - who were so excited to see Jade Class they began spitting! Our time at the farm ended in the Reptile House where we were able to touch a snake and a gecko and we looked at a range of other reptiles and fish.

Thank you to the parents who came with us and helped in so many ways.

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