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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mr P Allen - Head Teacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs T Travers - Deputy Head, SENDCo, Teacher (FS2)
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs S Mitchell - Nursery Teacher (FS2)
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs S Abdy - Class Teacher (FS2 Jobshare)
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs S Johnstone - Class Teacher (FS2 Jobshare)
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs N Keiller - Class Teacher (FS2 Jobshare)
Teaching Staff 7 Mrs R Marshall - Class Teacher, (Year 1)
Teaching Staff 8 Miss R Goodman - Class Teacher (Year 1)
Teaching Staff 9 Miss P O'Donnell - Class Teacher (Year 1)
Teaching Staff 10 Mrs J Harris - Class Teacher (Year 2)
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs A Rhodes - Class Teacher (Year 2 jobshare)
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs R Rosser - Class Teacher (Year 2 jobshare)
Teaching Staff 13 Mrs J Gray - Dance Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs C Warner
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs L Spence
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs J Hubbard
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs C Jackson
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs D Pollard
Teaching Assistants 6 Mr P Clifton
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs L Beer
Teaching Assistants 8 Miss A Gregory
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs S Birley
Teaching Assistants 10 Miss V Bardill

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs A Williams - School Business Manager
Office Staff 2 Mrs A Sanders - School Office Administrator
Office Staff 3 Mrs E Marinelli - Clerical Assistant


Caretaker 1 Mr A Bailey - Caretaker

Mid-Day Supervisors

Mid-Day Supervisors 1 Miss G Marshall
Mid-Day Supervisors 2 Mrs J Noonan
Mid-Day Supervisors 3 Mrs V Cook
Mid-Day Supervisors 4 Mrs S Birley
Mid-Day Supervisors 5 Mrs G Humphries
Mid-Day Supervisors 6 Mrs H Waterhouse
Mid-Day Supervisors 7 Mrs Z Caine
Mid-Day Supervisors 8 Miss L Minchin
Mid-Day Supervisors 9 Miss C Biggs

Catering Staff

Catering Staff 1 Mrs D Cummings - School Chef
Catering Staff 2 Mrs K Hopkinson - Assistant cook
Catering Staff 3 Miss K Doyle - Kitchen Assistant